Established in 1991, Success Profiles designs and provides organizational performance measurement instruments and database management services directly to clients and indirectly to management consulting firms and industry specific professional associations. The service offerings are designed to create “Actionable Knowledge and Business Intelligence.” Success Profiles provides the measurement tools and performance management methodology to help executives make better – more informed leadership decisions with higher probably of success.

Business Practices Assessment (BPA)

Satisfaction/Loyalty/Engagement survyes

Interactive Scoreboards and Scorecards (IPM)

Creative Business Intelligence tools (Eye Charts)

Primary and Secondary Research



The Success Profiles methodology combined with a measurement framework and supporting research data prove that consistent success in any endeavor (including business) rarely occurs by accident.  In fact, there are specific predictors, critical success factors, behaviors, and “Evidence Based” business practices that contribute to high performance among athletes, business people and organizations.  These characteristics can be identified, measured, and compared longitudinally over time as performance benchmarks to improve results by any measure.

“We have found that business leaders don’t relate well to and are not motivated by statistical coefficients and academic correlations. They need practical and applied causal links and measures of performance that they can readily see and relate to logically and emotionally. Do the measurement tools need to be scientifically valid and reliable? YES. Should the data be presented in a way that is less effective, often confusing (with information overload) and difficult to interpret?  NO.”

Our solution = The “Eye Chart” suite of Business Intelligence tools.

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