The quality of your workplace matters. Some Employer of Choice® award winners in the healthcare industry have reported up to a fifty percent increase in their monthly volume of new applicants for open positions. And from where did these new applicants come? Competing hospitals in the same marketplace. The reality is that the best people know their value and are going to actively seek out those workplaces proven to be exceptional.

The primary purpose of the Employer of Choice® assessment process is to evaluate and recognize organizations that have built truly exceptional workplaces. Those who complete the full application and survey, and then score high enough in their onsite evaluation, are awarded the Employer of Choice® trophy to recognize their accomplishment.

Survey Options

For organizations that want to go through only the survey assessment process in order to benchmark themselves and develop improvement strategies for a future formal application, there are multiple options available. These include incorporating Employer of Choice survey items into an existing process or questionnaire, provided the measurement scales are identical. In the event data on Employer of Choice items is collected by another organization, HPS will still be responsible for providing the Employer of Choice® benchmark report and improvement action plan.

Site Visit Options

Applicants that achieve high enough scores on their written application and survey results become eligible for a formal site visit. Conducted by a certified evaluator, the site visit is a rigorous assessment process used to validate the candidate organizationís demonstrated competency in a number of key disciplines. For organizations who fall short of the qualifying application score requirements, or who are interested in going through the onsite evaluation process and receiving a detailed feedback report, the service is available for a modest fee.

The Employer of Choice® site visit typically lasts one day for single-site organization and two days for a multi-site organization. While on site the evaluator will follow an established process to validate demonstrated competencies and consistency in critical business practices.

During their time on site the evaluator will:

  • Conduct interviews with senior executives (CEO, CFO, COO, VPHR and CNO)
  • Conduct separate focus group meetings with groups of managers and staff and administer ¬ the Open Cultural Practices assessment questionnaire.
  • Conduct informal interviews with a random assembly of physicians.
  • Conduct a detailed review of demonstrated competencies in several business practice areas.
  • Accompany senior executives during their rounding.
  • Be available in the cafeteria to observe and spend time with employees.
  • Meet with the HR department to review performance management practices, employee development, and a range of other key employment business practices.

For More Information

If you would like to discuss the different options available to your organization and/or receive a proposal, please call 406-582-8884. To download a copy of the formal Employer of Choice® application, go to

Healthcare Performance Solutions is the official assessment organization for Employer of Choice® award program in the healthcare industry. Those scoring high enough on application and site visit evaluation process will receive recognition from The Herman Group, the creators of the Employer of Choice® award program.


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One of the most important parts of reaching a goal is having a clear and focused plan that can be executed against and serve as a roadmap. This is even more critical in healthcare environments where resources are often very tight and leadership is less tolerant of false starts.

For those seeking the Employer of Choice® award, knowing where to focus dollars and organizational energy can make the difference between a quick path to winning the designation and successive years of missed opportunities. In order to help organizations make more informed resource decisions, the focus of assessment feedback and reporting process is on providing clients with a clear understanding of how they compare to the standards together with recommendations on where they should concentrate their improvement resources.