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Our research has established that good business practices keep employees satisfied, loyal, and engaged. In turn, these employees go beyond the call of duty and improve their performance through discretionary effort. It is this discretionary effort that creates satisfied patients and contributes to a healthier net operating margin. Our workforce optimization and planning services can help you accomplish your strategic human resources objectives. Some of these services are outlined below. For a customized proposal, please contact us today:

  • Initial review of your HR business practices, capabilities, talent of staff, sophistication of the leadership team and organizational priorities (This will include time with your leadership team to help them better understand exceptional HR practices in Healthcare)
  • Assessment of current performance and gap analysis with respect to "Best Practices" in Human Resources
  • Benchmarking assistance with at least three best-practices organizations that have different levels/evolutions of workforce strategic plans
  • Facilitation/consulting/guidance to help develop the Workforce Strategic Plan (including benchmarking of mature and sophisticated Workforce Strategic plans)
  • Refinement and fine tuning of performance metrics, initiatives and approaches to achieve results
  • Ongoing availability to assist with the plan design and/or services to assist in implementation