Not only is the labor shortage getting worse but also the costs of hiring the wrong people are increasing as well. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost of a bad hire has soared to 30% of the first yearís potential earnings. Although the cost of acquisition and turnover is significant, the cost of poor performance resulting from a bad job fit is much higher. Simply put, the luxury of making bad employee-related choices in no longer an option. To maximize performance, you need to hire the right people for each role and maximize the career potential of your present employees.

The fundamental premise here is that within each individual exist unique, inherent gifts and preferences that you must thoroughly understand and apply in order to build an organization of excellence. Our selection tools, with real-time analytics and reports, will help you:

  • Match the right people to the right roles
  • Discover the gifts of human capital, and
  • Understand and manage your people and culture to improve productivity, employee retention and business results.

As a result, you will shorten your organizationís recruiting process, decrease resource costs, and improve the hiring success rate. For a customized proposal, please contact us today.

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