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BOZEMAN, MT July 14, 2009  How does it feel to be set-up to fail? The answer is miserable. That is how front-line managers in healthcare may feel when they go home after a typical day at the hospital. How often does the average healthcare organization create leadership alignment (the right people in the right roles)? The answer is approximately 55% of the time. There are several reasons why managers fail to successfully lead their organizations according to a recent white paper from Healthcare Performance Solutions What Does Being in Over Your Head Look Like.

According to the white paper, the most common causes that create the environment where seemingly good people (but sub-optimized leaders) tend to get-in over their heads include:

    Managers are appointed before they are truly ready they are not quite experienced or mature enough

    Managers are appointed when their demonstrated leadership talent is deficient

    Managers are appointed to a department where the degree of difficulty exceed their ability to get good results

    Managers are appointed out of necessity or convenience

The total number of front-line managers that are somewhat overleveraged is approximately 13%, according to Tom Olivo, President/CEO of Healthcare Performance Solutions, This should at the very least be considered a disservice to the front-line managers themselves. The total number of front-line managers that are seriously overleveraged is approximately 12%; this could be considered gross negligence or even an act of malpractice. In an environment where quality, safety, service and patient satisfaction are paramount, it is imperative that healthcare organizations have the right people in the right roles, especially at the management and leadership levels. The average healthcare organization should have a realistic expectation for leadership alignment andappointment practices of 85% if they utilize a structured approach to determining their future leaders. The difference of having the right leaders in place can show as much as a 75% increase in operational performance over time.

About Healthcare Performance Solutions (HPS)

Healthcare Performance Solutions is an advisory services firm that helps hospitals and health systems improve organizational performance. Established in 2002, HPS has been retained by over 200 hospital systems to improve workforce optimization, employee engagement, patient outcomes, productivity, and the net operating margin. The core purpose of HPS is to improve the health of healthcare, one organization at a time.

For more information or to receive a copy of the referenced white paper, please contact:

Mark Felts

Healthcare Performance Solutions


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