We believe that consistent performance can be best explained through a combination of Talent or demonstrated ability that is “amplified” by and with the combination of Drive and Practice discipline factors. ‘Right People, Right Roles’ provides evidence-based insight and a structured blueprint to assure that business leaders have an objective and transparent approach to appoint the talent required to achieve “healthy and fit” cultures of high performance.

When organizations align and match the talent of their leaders with the predetermined complexity of their assigned roles, they increase their overall odds of success from 3:1 against to 2:1 in their favor.

Using our validated analysis processes and our best-practices tools, we will provide a structured and proven approach to talent alignment that can help you achieve your goals, one department at a time. Our performance formula is explained below:

Success Profile (R) = T (D + P)

  • R = Results (measurable outcomes, level of skill and/or comparable performance to an established standard)
  • T = Talent (unique ability, physical, mental, behavioral or emotional endowments, know as demonstrated aptitude)
  • D = Drive (work ethic, extraordinary discretionary effort and/or determination to achieve a goal or standard)
  • P = Practices (mental discipline, prioritization, focus on goals, consistency and doing the right things - right)

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