Whereas almost everyone agrees that leadership ability is a key factor in creating organizational success, countless books have been published about its definition and whether it is a talent people are born with or develop over time.Our position is that leadership ability is most likely a combination of both - nature and nurture. Certainly, the evidence supports this view.

According to Tom Olivo, “Rather than waste time on that debate, we should focus on answering this question: Do people actually demonstrate leadership ability or do they not? In other words, do they live it consistently with both their demonstrated behaviors and results?”

The HPS Talent Management System will assess and define four levels of leader talent and provide a structured approach to help you achieve your goals, one department at a time.

The definitions of each talent level are shown below:

  • A: Leader/manager is a high achieving and talented performer that consistently exceeds expectations, brings out the best performance in others.
  • B: Leader/manager is a good and consistent performer that consistently meets expectations, brings out a good performance in others.
  • C: Leader/manager is a an inconsistent performer that sometimes meets expectations, struggles to bring out a good performance in others.
  • D: Leader/manager rarely meets expectations, fails to bring out a good performance in others.

The extraordinary challenges of this time, call for bold steps. Determining talent with an evidence-based system will contribute to better appointment practices and improved performance.

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