If only everyone in your organization was on the same page, actively coordinating individual and team efforts to help accomplish your biggest goals or overcome your biggest challenges. Very often, the biggest obstacle to this ideal state is getting every one of your people to frame these goals or challenges in a similar fashion and then connecting their daily activities to the desired organizational outcomes.

Healthcare Performance Solutionsí Discovery Charts are powerful and proven learning tools that are used to communicate information and create team and organizational dialogue around critical business issues, such as clinical quality, JCAHO, a transformation initiative, or a Baldrige journey. The combination of customized infographics, illustrations and metaphors, together with a facilitated dialogue, accelerate the development of a broad, shared understanding around complex relationships and activity flows that impact the health and fitness of your organization.

Powerful Learning in Action:

The magic of Discovery Charts lies in how they empower instructors and learners, transforming typical teaching and learning processes from being highly instructor-dominated to learner-centered, which results in increased learning gains for everyone. Working in teams, employees interact with each other and the Discovery Chart as they respond to questions, explore concepts and content, and work on learning activities linked to the illustrations. In the course of this process each person makes meaningful connections between their individual job responsibilities and organizationís performance objectives.

Collaborative Development Methodology:

Our professionals follow a structured development process that involves your people at every step from initial needs assessment to concept development to final delivery. That way, the next time you want to develop another Discovery Chart you will have the internal capability developed to facilitate the process yourself. Although we are always there to help if needed, our goal with every client is to create capability rather than dependence.

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