Our research shows that ineffective front-line managers contribute greatly to poor employee satisfaction, low productivity, high turnover, low patient satisfaction, and ultimately to suboptimal net operating margins. On the contrary, when hospitals have capable professionals managing the front lines, employee satisfaction and productivity go up, patient satisfaction rises and the net operating margin improves.

Targeted for front-line managers who have strategically important roles, leadership potential, and are underperforming, our ‘Management Effectiveness’ program is focused on measurable performance as opposed to development.

In addition to pre and post ‘Business Practices Assessment’ measurements, each manager will establish a department scorecard that tracks the metrics that drive their business.


The objective of the program is to significantly increase productivity and scorecard metrics and increase at least one grade level on the BPA within three to six months after the program is completed.

Department Objectives

  • Identify departmental critical issues, barriers and things holding back success
  • Define the desired future states with regard to product & service outcomes, stakeholder (internal/external) outcomes, operational process outcomes and people outcomes
  • Determine the few actions that create leverage, essential to move the department from where it is to where it needs to be
  • Develop a written business plan for each department
  • Implement the business plan into day to day operations using the Operational Rhythm™ process which is performance management on steroids
  • Establish a department scorecard with metrics that drive the business
  • Establish base line performance measures and a feedback process so people know how their performance compares to expectations

Manager Objectives

  • Develop a Personal Leadership Agenda that documents a personal growth plan
  • Clarify expectations in terms of desired results
  • Strengthen a foundation of leadership skills that will result in engaged, self governed people; strategic partnerships with key stakeholders; create a ‘success’ environment; and deliver strong bottom-line results
  • Develop a synergistic partnership plan designed to strengthen relations with key stakeholder(s)


The deliverables of our ‘Management Effectiveness’ program are as follows:

  • Create a Strategic Operating Plan so that each participant and their team has a clear direction and are focused on the few, most important things.
  • Execute Operational Rhythm™ so that leaders and teams can implement strategy into the day to day operations and have a robust performance management system to ensure desired results.
  • Establish a Balanced Scorecard that measures results and provides feedback on an ongoing basis.
  • Develop a Personal Leadership Agenda detailing a performance plan for how each participant will achieve personal and business objectives
  • Create an understanding of “Leadership Effectiveness” by developing the ability to style flex and bring out the best performance in people with different profiles.

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