It is completely accepted, and expected, that highly effective athletes receive coaching to understand the obstacles or behaviors that may be limiting their performance. That same kind of thinking is critically relevant to todayís leaders. Executive coaching can provide you with clarity in how to generate more effective leadership behaviors and actions to improve your team and organizational performance.

Healthcare CEOs and executive teams who want to increase their individual and team capacity to lead their organizations to higher levels of performance and productivity could significantly benefit from our disciplined approach. Executive team members will receive the coaching and the tools needed to improve their individual and team performance and to launch successful transformational change. They will be empowered to fully deploy their leadership with confidence and freely draw on a rich repertoire of skills. This customized process (onsite and offsite) is meant to facilitate a self-sustaining plan and execution, creating independence on the journey to ongoing success.

We begin the coaching process with an assessment that taps into the observations of your supervisors, peers, and direct reports to reveal your leadership gifts and talents, as well as your struggles. Then we work with you to develop an achievable action plan that builds upon strengths and identifies ways to either correct or manage limitations.

A systematic coaching experience has proven to be a powerful enabler of leadership. It heightens the leaderís awareness of ways to better leverage strengths, while it supports and sustains targeted behavior change that addresses gaps in the leaderís effectiveness. The goal is an executive who can fully deploy his or her leadership with confidence and who can freely draw on a rich repertoire of skills.

Some of the benefits of our executive coaching program are as follows:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Greater self-awareness and resilience
  • More effective team leadership and people skills
  • Improved time and resource management
  • Greater role and organizational alignment for the individual and their team
  • Increased ability to delegate effectively and coach for improved performance in others
  • Greater sense of value from the organization

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