The pressure is on: optimize the workforce, improve productivity, deliver a higher net operating margin and more. Accomplishing your goals requires accurate and relevant measurement. Surely you get some useful data from your current employee survey but are you measuring the things that really count? Are you getting information you can put to use right away or are you getting a data dump? If you donít know the cause of the disease, itís hard to prescribe the right medicine. With unprecedented economic, business, regulatory, and clinical challenges facing your healthcare group, knowing where to focus your improvement efforts is crucial.

The Integrated Performance Measurement scorecard/dashboard is a sophisticated system that will allow you to visually display the overall performance of both hard performance measures (like quality outcomes, financial metrics and productivity results) and soft measures of human capital performance (like employee satisfaction, patient satisfaction, and leadership performance). This real time-interactive scorecard system complements the Eye Charts to triangulate all the performance metrics that create a balanced scorecard of the vital measures.

It also establishes the foundation for determining the cause and effect relationships between leadership effectiveness, clinical quality outcomes, patient service, and financial results. We have found that most performance scorecard systems in healthcare are functionally inadequate due to their inability to accurately display the soft leadership performance criteria side by side at one glance with the hard outcome measures. This process is also very flexible to include virtually any vital measure you are currently monitoring.

In short, the HPS Integrated Performance Measurement scorecard/dashboard will help you:

  • ∑ Assure that you are measuring the right key performance drivers
  • ∑ Determine the connection between business practices and specific outcome measures
  • ∑ Quantify the health of your organizational culture
  • ∑ Create the foundation for determining the cause and effect relationship between culture, clinical quality outcomes, and financial results
  • To get the IPM Scorecard brochure (PDF) click here: Brochure
  • To view an IPM Scorecard sample (PDF) click here: IPM


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