"With the unprecedented economic, business, regulatory, and clinical challenges facing each healthcare organization, the ability to monitor, compare, and improve performance is crucial. To help hospitals optimize the productivity of their workforce, HPS has developed national benchmark standards for job satisfaction, organizational loyalty, and professional engagement. These standards are known as the Critical Workforce Metrics.

The data, compiled from 2002 to 2007, includes over 200,000 healthcare professionals, representing the professions and department/functions in approximately 500 healthcare delivery systems throughout the United States. The results establish index scores and percentile rankings that allow healthcare executives to perform comparative analysis for performance management purposes. The data is updated annually.


  • Identify, measure, and compare cultural performance to other healthcare organizations:
    • Quantify the overall health and fitness of your culture using the Trifecta Index of commitment and engagement
    • Compare the manager capability, patient focus, and business practices of your organization one department at a time
    • Establish baseline performance measures for longitudinal, comparative analysis
    • Compare not only overall scores but also specific departmental scores (such as critical, ICU, laboratory services, surgical services, etc.), job categories, and specific positions (such as nurses, physicians, managers, and so forth). This is an exclusive feature not available anywhere else.
  • Create the foundation for determining the cause and effect relationships between culture, leadership performance, clinical quality outcomes, and financial results
  • Design meaningful, evidenced-based scorecards that can be used to enhance organizational performance (overall and by department)
  • Access to online, web-enabled database and interactive tools available 24/7 anytime, anywhere

Accessing the Metrics

To access the database, please call us at 406-582-8884 or email us at Contact Us

Healthcare departments included in the Critical Workforce Metrics are shown below. The list is frequently being expanded and updated:

      • Admitting and Patient Registration
      • Behavioral Health
      • Critical Care and ICU
      • Emergency Department
      • Facility Operations
      • Finance and Accounting
      • Food and Nutrition Services
      • Home Care Services
      • Hospital Administration
      • Housekeeping
      • Human Resources
      • Imaging Services
      • Information Technology
      • Laboratory Services
      • Materials Management
      • Maternal and Child Health
      • Medical and Surgical Nursing
      • Patient Information
      • Pediatrics
      • Perioperative Services
      • Pharmacy Services
      • Rehabilitation Services
      • Surgical Services


Healthcare positions included in this benchmarking tool include:

      • Administrative Support
      • Clinical Positions
      • CNAs
      • Directors
      • Executives
      • Industrial Tradesmen
      • LPNs
      • Managers
      • Non-Clinical Positions
      • Pharmacists
      • Physicians
      • RNs
      • Supervisors
      • Support Services
      • Technologists
      • Therapists

Organizations can compare their business practice performance scores by five-point Likert scale, one hundred –point scale and percentile rank, top-box and top-two index box

      • Healthcare industry standards
      • Top Two Box Scores
      • Top Box Scores

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